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Russ' Electronics "Road Rack"


"I've gotten tons of requests to show and detail my electronics road rack.  I designed this to be able to use live and in the studio.  It basically consists of my electronic percussion sources, my personal monitoring and my Porter and Davies Tactile Monitor in the throne".  Russ uses Apple "Mainstage" on an Apple Laptop.  This runs Logic with an EX24 sampler.  It also contains Toontrack, Spectrasonics RMX and BFD as sound sources.  The audio interface for this is a Focusrite Scarlett 2I4.  Also, there is a Yamaha DTXpress 3 module.  "I was on the design team for all of the DTX systems from 1996 to 2012.  We had an amazing trigger module in the early days called a DTS70.  It had some of the best trigger architecture ever created.  We used the DTS70 trigger to MIDI interface in the DTXpress 3.  It triggers from Piezo triggers extremely well.  I use it as an interface for the DDrum triggers in the rack."  Russ uses the Alternate Mode Drumkat Turbo as a multipad and the DDrum triggers on the kick and snare drum.  "I've recently added the Alternate Mode DITI.  But, I haven't implemented it yet, I'm getting my chops on it".

The rack is set-up as follows:

Focusrite and Yamaha modules output to the Behringer Ultralink Pro mixer (MX882).  The Ultralink is a summing mixer to stereo but it also has a splitter on every channel.  This way, the FOH gets dry, full individual lines and Russ gets a 2-track monitor mix of all of the sounds.  A 2-channel feed from the monitor desk comes back to the Ultralink and combines with the rack's sounds to create Russ' personal monitor mix.  This mix is sent to the Nady Cross-over.  Everything above 200hz gets sent to Russ' in-ear pack (Shure 900 series) and everything below 200 hz gets sent to the Porter and Davies BC2RM throne tactile monitor (Thumper Throne).  "I get my sounds and click before FOH, so I never have to worry about not having a solid monitor of the click and electronics.  They send me back the band monitor mix and I just level that with my stuff.  It is the way to do it!".  The entire system only takes up a 5-Space SKB rack.


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