Arrival Trio / Chegada3

"Chegada3" is Russ' 3rd solo effort.  Russ explains the title, "Chegada is "Arrival" in Portuguese, this band has a heavy Brazilian influence to it.  The "3" is for the Trio and the Trio's 3rd project together.  Also, it is the 3rd complete solo album that I have done.  So, Chegada to the third power, made sense!"  The original members of the "Arrival" touring trio, Rick Krive and Jerry Watts have returned, to solidify this contemporary ensemble.  Russ adds, "Rick, Jerry and I are all of the same accord musically and personally.  It is one of the easiest situations I have ever worked in.  Everybody is great, the crew is great and the whole thing just flows and makes it a great show and a positive work environment." 

The Trio's "Chegada3" album is a mature collection of Brazilian influenced, Jazz and Pop vocal pieces.  The undertone of world rhythms and their colors, run throughout the almost 50 minute, song set.  Unique arrangements of the Beatles "Fool On The Hill", James Taylor's "Only A Dream In Rio" and Sting's "Field's of Gold", are sprinkled around displays of the ensembles virtuosic musical abilities. Guests on this album include, Eric Marienthal, George Shelby, John Daversa and percussion great, Luis Conte.


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Russ Miller & Pete Lockett / Rhythm Sphere

Superstar drummer/percussionists Russ Miller and Pete Lockett, team up for a unique collaborative effort in “Rhythm-Sphere”.  Pete is one the world’s most prolific multi-percussionists and specializes in instruments and rhythms derivative of India.  Russ is one of the top session drummers in the world.  He has a passion for “stretching out” and has been involved with playing Indian music with top Indian musicians, like Dr. L. Subramaniam and Kavita Kurishnamuphy for several years.  The duo teams up for their first effort “Rhythm-Sphere”, on R.M.I. Records.  This distinctive musical journey, weaves the Carnatic traditions, with modern western grooves and sounds. The album features Rajhesh Vaidhya, an incredible Veena player, originally from Tamil Nadu, India.  Rhythm-Sphere is an amazing opportunity to hear these talented artists in a freedom of expression. 

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Russ Miller "Arrival" CD

International drum star Russ Miller's solo album, “Arrival” was released on R.M.I. Records to rave reviews from press and fans alike.  “This record is a huge project.  I have  worked on the concept and material for three years.  I wanted to do an exploration of rhythmic vocabulary.  My own, and other great drummers and percussionists as well.  We put a new band together and along with some guest artists, recorded ten compositions for the ensemble.” 

The line-up of musicians features: Meredith Brooks , David Garfield, John Pena, Neil Stubenhaus, Frank Gambale, Ross Bolton, Jerry Watts, Rick Krive, Eric Marienthal, Jon Papenbrook, George Shelby, Rique Pantoja, Nick Lane, Pete Lockett, Luis Conte and Richie Garcia.  There are a few special guest vocalists as well.  Nelly Furtado, Mabvuto Carpenter, Jarvis Church and R&B Star Lina, have lent their talents to the project.  Russ elaborates, “The Rhythmic Conversation idea came to me about a year before we started the project.  I wanted to explore different feels and genres of rhythmic pulse with more than my limited viewpoint.  We wrote nine compositions based upon different styles and approaches, tailored to the specific artists that I was doing the duet or trios with.”  Each “Rhythmic Conversation” features the “Superstars” of the drum and percussion world:  Steve Smith, Rick Marotta, Steve Gadd, Jeff Hamilton, Johnny Rabb, Zoro, Akira Jimbo, Pete Lockett, Luis Conte, Richie Garcia and JR Robinson.  “We wrote these nine, roughly 3-minute compositions, with myself and one to three of the other artists.  It’s been one of the biggest challenges of my career to try and hang with these guys!  It’s very humbling, exciting and an incredible learning experience for me.” 

“Arrival” features ten new compositions and nine “Rhythmic Conversations” featuring the aforementioned artists. Heard as a single track,  the percussion pieces transition in and out of each ensemble composition.  It makes for an exploration of rhythm for over 78 minutes.    A sonic journey through rhythm, musical camaraderie and masterful performance, “Arrival” is a staple of the new lineage of contemporary jazz.

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Russ Miller "Cymbalism" CD

"Cymbalism" is Russ' first solo album. Originally released in 2005, the Cymbalism record was a byproduct of the award winning Drum Set Crash Course DVD from Warner Brothers. Russ Says, "I always liked the compositions on Cymbalism, I never thought the record had a fair shot! It was done literally in one take surrounding the Crash Course DVD shoot. I wanted to re-visit the material as a organized record. I wanted to spend the time with it, make it sound like an album. We re-tracked all of the drums, some bass and guitar as well. Brad Haehnel remixed and we re-mastered it. Now, it sounds like an album! Also, it was a lot of fun to re-track drums after playing those songs live for 5 years with the band! Usually, I recording a song the first day I hear it, this was very refreshing. I'm proud of this record". The maturity gained in this time is very evident on this recording. A traditional "Blue Note" instrumentation (Sax/Trumpet up front) with a powerful funk/R&B rhythm section approach, lends for a very listenable and unique record. Along with Rique Pantoja (Steps Ahead, Brazilian Recording Star), Russ has penned very unique and mature compositions. This recording also is the first time that Russ has used the same ensemble for the entire album. This led to a very tight sounding unit that grew together through the process of these sessions.
This 'all-star' band consists of Russ on Drums 
Rique Pantoja (Steps Ahead. Milton Naciomento) - Keyboards 
Jerry Watts (Mylene Farmer, Wishful Thinking, Tommy Walker) - Bass 
Richie 'Gajate' Garcia (Phil Collins, Diana Ross) - Percussion 
Joe Diblasi (Pink Floyd,Session Great) - Guitar 
Tommy V (Bobby Caldwell, Powernut) - Guitar 
Guillermo Guzman (Milton Naciomento) - Bass 
George Shelby (Barry Manilow, Bobby Caldwell)- Saxes 
Lee Thornburg (Tower Of Power, Tonight Show Band)- Trumpet

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Arrival (Featuring Russ Miller/Rick Krive/Jerry Watts) - "Live"

This 75-minute full length concert program features material from Russ Miller’s monumental solo project “Arrival”, captured for the first time in stunning “Hi-Definition” with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround.

Russ’ second solo album “Arrival” was a massive undertaking, with over 30 international music stars on the production. One of the biggest challenges facing Russ and the band, was how to execute the huge production pieces on the "Arrival" record, live on stage. For this new trio format, one of the “Arrival” rhythm sections, Rick Krive and Jerry Watts were chosen. Russ details this, "Jerry and I work together quite a bit and I have known Rick for twenty years! Also, Rick brings a very strong vocal element to the show”. The trio went to RMI studios and literally played through every piece in Russ' catalog over a few days. They decided which pieces could even work in a trio format, then they went to the Yamaha Artist facility in North Hollywood. Arrangements, some preproduction staging, lighting and video were rehearsed. Russ ads, "We came up with a solid direction and set list for the show." As a bonus, Russ and the band has agreed to release some of the rehearsal audio and even video clips of these closed rehearsals exclusively to! The band went back and rehearsed the show at RMI. After those rehearsals, the full tour production rig was set-up on a soundstage in North Hollywood, CA. To an ecstatic audience, the trio played the full 75-minute headlining show, while filming in Full 1080 Hi-Definition video! Russ continues, "We came up with an extremely cool show concept, of syncing original session footage of guest artists to us live on stage. So, the choir in Rhythm World, Steve Gadd, George Shelby, and even Steve Smith and Pete Lockett's incredible performances are all a part of the show via HD video on an 84" Hi-Definition screen!" The very special night is now released as a double disc DVD and live CD.

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Russ Miller - "Mosquito Bite" Remix - Featuring Haydain Neale

An amazing remix of "Mosquito Bite", from the "Arrival" record.  The lead vox and background vocals were re-recorded by the late, Haydain Neale.  Canadian Pop/R&B star Haydain Neale, was best known for being the lead singer of the multiple "Juno" award winning group, "JackSoul".

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Russ Miller - "Rhythm World" Remix - Featuring Gleam Joel

A great new re-mix of the lead single from the "Arrival" album, "Rhythm World".  This re-record includes Swedish rapper, Gleam Joel.  Lead vox is sung by Mabvuto Carpenter (Toto) and it features Russ and Steve Gadd on drums.

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Powernut (Featuring Russ Miller, Tommy V, Vail Johnson) - 3 Nuts in a Pocket

Powernut's debut album, "3 Nuts In A Pocket" has been released to rave reviews and critical acclaim. Powernut is a "Progressive Rock" instrumental trio, comprised of Russ Miller on drums, Vail Johnson on bass and Tommy V. on guitar. This virtuosic trio combines 70's-80's fusion with a contemporary "Hard Rock" edge. Written in a improvisation manner in one session and recorded on the next day, the "3 Nuts in A Pocket" album is an example of musical communication between artists. The use of contemporary techniques such as, pre-recorded loops and full 24 bit/96 khz tracking, add a 21st century twist on a classic style of music.

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