Russ Miller "Cymbalism" CD - Russ' first solo album

"Cymbalism" is Russ' first solo album. Originally released in 2005, the Cymbalism record was a byproduct of the award winning Drum Set Crash Course DVD from Warner Brothers. Russ Says, "I always liked the compositions on Cymbalism, I never thought the record had a fair shot! It was done literally in one take surrounding the Crash Course DVD shoot. I wanted to re-visit the material as a organized record. I wanted to spend the time with it, make it sound like an album. We re-tracked all of the drums, some bass and guitar as well. Brad Haehnel remixed and we re-mastered it. Now, it sounds like an album! Also, it was a lot of fun to re-track drums after playing those songs live for 5 years with the band! Usually, I recording a song the first day I hear it, this was very refreshing. I'm proud of this record". The maturity gained in this time is very evident on this recording. A traditional "Blue Note" instrumentation (Sax/Trumpet up front) with a powerful funk/R&B rhythm section approach, lends for a very listenable and unique record. Along with Rique Pantoja (Steps Ahead, Brazilian Recording Star), Russ has penned very unique and mature compositions. This recording also is the first time that Russ has used the same ensemble for the entire album. This led to a very tight sounding unit that grew together through the process of these sessions.
This 'all-star' band consists of Russ on Drums 
Rique Pantoja (Steps Ahead. Milton Naciomento) - Keyboards 
Jerry Watts (Mylene Farmer, Wishful Thinking, Tommy Walker) - Bass 
Richie 'Gajate' Garcia (Phil Collins, Diana Ross) - Percussion 
Joe Diblasi (Pink Floyd,Session Great) - Guitar 
Tommy V (Bobby Caldwell, Powernut) - Guitar 
Guillermo Guzman (Milton Naciomento) - Bass 
George Shelby (Barry Manilow, Bobby Caldwell)- Saxes 
Lee Thornburg (Tower Of Power, Tonight Show Band)- Trumpet

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