Russ Miller "Arrival" CD - Russ' monumental solo album "Arrival"

International drum star Russ Miller's solo album, “Arrival” was released on R.M.I. Records to rave reviews from press and fans alike.  “This record is a huge project.  I have  worked on the concept and material for three years.  I wanted to do an exploration of rhythmic vocabulary.  My own, and other great drummers and percussionists as well.  We put a new band together and along with some guest artists, recorded ten compositions for the ensemble.” 

The line-up of musicians features: Meredith Brooks , David Garfield, John Pena, Neil Stubenhaus, Frank Gambale, Ross Bolton, Jerry Watts, Rick Krive, Eric Marienthal, Jon Papenbrook, George Shelby, Rique Pantoja, Nick Lane, Pete Lockett, Luis Conte and Richie Garcia.  There are a few special guest vocalists as well.  Nelly Furtado, Mabvuto Carpenter, Jarvis Church and R&B Star Lina, have lent their talents to the project.  Russ elaborates, “The Rhythmic Conversation idea came to me about a year before we started the project.  I wanted to explore different feels and genres of rhythmic pulse with more than my limited viewpoint.  We wrote nine compositions based upon different styles and approaches, tailored to the specific artists that I was doing the duet or trios with.”  Each “Rhythmic Conversation” features the “Superstars” of the drum and percussion world:  Steve Smith, Rick Marotta, Steve Gadd, Jeff Hamilton, Johnny Rabb, Zoro, Akira Jimbo, Pete Lockett, Luis Conte, Richie Garcia and JR Robinson.  “We wrote these nine, roughly 3-minute compositions, with myself and one to three of the other artists.  It’s been one of the biggest challenges of my career to try and hang with these guys!  It’s very humbling, exciting and an incredible learning experience for me.” 

“Arrival” features ten new compositions and nine “Rhythmic Conversations” featuring the aforementioned artists. Heard as a single track,  the percussion pieces transition in and out of each ensemble composition.  It makes for an exploration of rhythm for over 78 minutes.    A sonic journey through rhythm, musical camaraderie and masterful performance, “Arrival” is a staple of the new lineage of contemporary jazz.

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