Powernut (Featuring Russ Miller, Tommy V, Vail Johnson) - 3 Nuts in a Pocket - Power Rock Trio's debut EP

Powernut's debut album, "3 Nuts In A Pocket" has been released to rave reviews and critical acclaim. Powernut is a "Progressive Rock" instrumental trio, comprised of Russ Miller on drums, Vail Johnson on bass and Tommy V. on guitar. This virtuosic trio combines 70's-80's fusion with a contemporary "Hard Rock" edge. Written in a improvisation manner in one session and recorded on the next day, the "3 Nuts in A Pocket" album is an example of musical communication between artists. The use of contemporary techniques such as, pre-recorded loops and full 24 bit/96 khz tracking, add a 21st century twist on a classic style of music.

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