Arrival Trio / Chegada3 - New Album

"Chegada3" is Russ' 3rd solo effort.  Russ explains the title, "Chegada is "Arrival" in Portuguese, this band has a heavy Brazilian influence to it.  The "3" is for the Trio and the Trio's 3rd project together.  Also, it is the 3rd complete solo album that I have done.  So, Chegada to the third power, made sense!"  The original members of the "Arrival" touring trio, Rick Krive and Jerry Watts have returned, to solidify this contemporary ensemble.  Russ adds, "Rick, Jerry and I are all of the same accord musically and personally.  It is one of the easiest situations I have ever worked in.  Everybody is great, the crew is great and the whole thing just flows and makes it a great show and a positive work environment." 

The Trio's "Chegada3" album is a mature collection of Brazilian influenced, Jazz and Pop vocal pieces.  The undertone of world rhythms and their colors, run throughout the almost 50 minute, song set.  Unique arrangements of the Beatles "Fool On The Hill", James Taylor's "Only A Dream In Rio" and Sting's "Field's of Gold", are sprinkled around displays of the ensembles virtuosic musical abilities. Guests on this album include, Eric Marienthal, George Shelby, John Daversa and percussion great, Luis Conte.


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