Arrival (Featuring Russ Miller/Rick Krive/Jerry Watts) - "Live" - Live in Concert DVD and CD set (2-Discs)

This 75-minute full length concert program features material from Russ Miller’s monumental solo project “Arrival”, captured for the first time in stunning “Hi-Definition” with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround.

Russ’ second solo album “Arrival” was a massive undertaking, with over 30 international music stars on the production. One of the biggest challenges facing Russ and the band, was how to execute the huge production pieces on the "Arrival" record, live on stage. For this new trio format, one of the “Arrival” rhythm sections, Rick Krive and Jerry Watts were chosen. Russ details this, "Jerry and I work together quite a bit and I have known Rick for twenty years! Also, Rick brings a very strong vocal element to the show”. The trio went to RMI studios and literally played through every piece in Russ' catalog over a few days. They decided which pieces could even work in a trio format, then they went to the Yamaha Artist facility in North Hollywood. Arrangements, some preproduction staging, lighting and video were rehearsed. Russ ads, "We came up with a solid direction and set list for the show." As a bonus, Russ and the band has agreed to release some of the rehearsal audio and even video clips of these closed rehearsals exclusively to! The band went back and rehearsed the show at RMI. After those rehearsals, the full tour production rig was set-up on a soundstage in North Hollywood, CA. To an ecstatic audience, the trio played the full 75-minute headlining show, while filming in Full 1080 Hi-Definition video! Russ continues, "We came up with an extremely cool show concept, of syncing original session footage of guest artists to us live on stage. So, the choir in Rhythm World, Steve Gadd, George Shelby, and even Steve Smith and Pete Lockett's incredible performances are all a part of the show via HD video on an 84" Hi-Definition screen!" The very special night is now released as a double disc DVD and live CD.

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